Patrick Thomas Gilligan

Patrick Gilligan

Patrick Thomas Gilligan, 40, of Waco, passed away Friday, October 16, 2020 at Ascension Providence Medical Center in Waco.

Graveside Service: 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 28, at Rosemound Cemetery with Deacon Greg George officiating

Patrick T. Gilligan was born in Warwick, NY on October 29, 1979. He was the second son to Daniel and Carol Gilligan, and younger brother to Daniel Gilligan, Jr.

While Patrick was growing up with Daniel and Carol Gilligan, we learned that there were many things that Patrick could not do that many people take for granted every day.  Due to his unique educational challenges; Patrick attended BOCES special education classes in New York. This along with the love of his family allowed Patrick to grow past his limitations and thrive. Patrick, with his family, would eventually move to Jackson, GA where he was able to graduate from Public School.

Patrick Gilligan had the memory of a computer. He was a great son, helper, and friend to Daniel, Carol and his brother Daniel Jr.  He would always know where to go when going on car rides.  He had an uncanny knack of memorizing a map and being able to accurately navigate from memory. Patrick would not need GPS or a map to remember the directions.  He would also remember any book he ever read and be able to recall that information without issue or delay. Patrick never stopped learning and reading.  He would buy and read every book he could.  Patrick also loved all things Godzilla and monster movie related and was truly Godzilla’s biggest fan.

Patrick also would spend time with Daniel Sr. watching John Wayne (The Duke); which was consequently their favorite father-son bonding time.  He would spend, lazy afternoons enjoying many old Western movies with his father and they shared a love for all things movie related.

Carol Gilligan would like to remember Patrick by saying: Patrick, you were my son; my best friend; my buddy.  You made me laugh.You knew so many things. You accomplished so much and you made me so happy.  You knew the lines to every movie we ever watched together. You knew streets that I never heard of just to show me the way.  I will never forget the first time you saw Godzilla on a movie I had bought for Daniel.  You were scared at first; but then you started to peek around the corner to see, and a lifelong love between a boy and Godzilla was born.  We even went to Chicago for the Godzilla convention.  You were so unbelievably happy.  My dear son; I cannot imagine life without you. I love you so much. I promise I will see you again in heaven along with Dad. I wish I could have held you one last time; but it was not to be.  Instead, you “slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.”  God is so lucky to have you there.  I love you so much Patrick, I will never, ever forget you.  May God bless and keep you until I see you again. All my love, Mom.

Daniel Jr. would like to share that he remembers when his younger brother Patrick graduated from Public school.  This was such a great accomplishment for him, and he was so excited and happy to achieve this goal. Daniel Jr. was so proud of him for this and going past the limits others saw in him growing up.  Daniel Jr. will also never forget introducing Patrick to Godzilla movies. Patrick took on a passion for collecting all things Godzilla. It was wonderful to see him get so excited when any new Godzilla movie, collectable, or game came to the market.

Jennifer, Patrick’s sister-in-law, and Daniel Jr’s wife remember Patrick’s kindness and love for  her daughter, and his niece, Evelyn. His patience knew no bounds with her and he loved to share his fandoms with her. He even took the time to learn about the ‘My Little Pony’ Universe, as that was all that Evie care about when she was a small child. He would watch the latest episodes of the show so that they could talk about it when she came to visit. It was truly heart-warming. He really had a love for children and for animals and it showed in his gentleness and patience with them.

There are too many stories to share about Patrick; but the family wanted everyone to know how he touched each of their lives and how much he will be missed.

He was preceded in death by his father, Daniel Gilligan Sr.

Patrick is survived by his mother, Carol Ann Gilligan; brother, Daniel Gilligan; sister-in-law, Jennifer Gilligan; and niece, Evelyn Gilligan.


Place of Service: Rosemound Cemetery , 3201 S. 12th St.; Waco, TX 76706

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  1. Our condolences to you Aunt Carol, Dan, Jennifer & Evie for the loss of Patrick. We are truly sorry & love reading about Patrick’s life, it sounds like a great life with you all. Maybe God take Patrick to the heavens & forever hold him close. He will be missed.

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