Reception Center


Casual, Full Sized Kitchen

Semi-casual Reception Hall

Comfortable Space for Fellowship


An environment of enlightened hospitality…

Recognizing that families and friends gather most often at weddings and funerals, Lake Shore Funeral Home has dedicated, comfortable space for fellowship and renewal of friendships. Refreshments are often served during visitation or a memorial gathering. Whether it be in our full-sized kitchen around the dinner table or in our Fellowship Hall surrounded by family and friends, we hope you experience our home-like hospitality that we consider our signature amenity.

After the Ceremony – Our Care Continues…

Lake Shore offers a convenient, on-site reception center that allows family members and guests a space to gather and share memories following the farewell ceremony. Having this reception location means that your family and guests will measure their journey from the site of the chapel service to the reception in footsteps, not miles; all within Lake Shore Funeral Home.