Infants / Children

Lake Shore Funeral Home has a policy in place to provide services at little-to-no cost for infants and dependent/unmarried children up to age 18 years that still live at home.  Costs incurred will be for minimum professional services or if the family prefers an upgraded service; merchandise (casket, vault, etc.) which we will sell at our cost; and any/all third party expenses such as cemetery costs, flowers, obituaries, death certificates, etc.

Please Note: We Do Not Make A Profit On The Death Of A Child!

Free: Grandchild Protection Plan

If during the lifetime of the holder of a prearranged funeral contract, any grandchild of the holder should die, then Lake Shore Funeral Home, as part of its obligation to provide services described in the Prearranged Funeral Agreement agrees to include, as part of the frozen and discounted price of said service, a funeral service of like quality and kind for such grandchild between the ages of 1 day to 21 years. This is a personal guarantee by Brent Shehorn and Lake Shore Funeral Home.