What is Treasured Memories Community Funding?

Treasured Memories® Community Funding is a bridge that links those in need with those willing to give through a crowdfunding website. In the modern world of social media and online support systems, the next step we can take as funeral professionals at Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services is to serve families, charities, community events and their supporters when the need arises. 

Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services will assist with the following:

  • Help a Family in Need – Celebrate lives by helping the families in our community. Many need help with medical bills, funeral expenses, lost income, future college costs of surviving children, and the ongoing expenses of life.
  • Memorial Donations – Honor their life and memory by contributing to worthy causes, such as hospices, hospitals, schools, churches, medical research foundations, and many more.
  • Community Giving – Funds may be set up for schools, churches, memorial races, golf tournaments and many other special events.


Click here to start a crowd funding campaign