Container / Casket

Choosing a Cremation Casket or Container

The selection of a cremation casket or container is just as important as the selection of the ceremony and will complement the tribute designed for the one being remembered. Before cremation, during the ceremony, and at the time of cremation, the casket or container is the resting place that gives dignity to your loved one. It may also be where you will see your loved one for the last time.

Cremation Caskets

Cremation caskets are made of wood or wood by-products and are available in a wide variety of styles that are suitable for services with a visitation, viewing or a gathering held prior to the cremation. The warmth, beauty and personality wood brings to fine furniture is well suited for the construction of caskets. Depending on your selection, cremation caskets can be personalized to fit your needs with accessories like custom tribute panels or custom embroidered interiors.

Cremation Containers

Cremation containers are made from both composite and solid wood components and are fully combustible. These are most appropriate when a private viewing has been chosen

Types of Cremation Containers

Traditional Wood Caskets

Traditional wood caskets are often selected by those who cherish the warmth and beauty of natural wood when a viewing service is desired.

Wood Cremation Caskets

Lake Shore Funeral Home can provide you with a wood cremation casket that is specifically constructed for cremation. These caskets are usually less expensive than a traditional wood casket, yet they are crafted with the same quality and care.

Hardboard Caskets

Hardboard caskets feature the look of hardwood caskets but are specifically constructed to be lighter in weight and fully combustible. These caskets are made from a mixture of composite wood and solid hardwood, and are usually less expensive than traditional or cremation caskets.

Rental Caskets

Some cremation families like the idea of renting a casket for the service and visitation. These caskets are designed especially for re-use. Therefore, for sanitary purposes, embalming is required. The exterior (shell) is usually very attractive and made out of wood or metal. Inside this shell, an alternative container is inserted. This insert will encase and accompany the body to the crematory. ONLY the shell is re-used. The cloth interior of a rental casket is only used one time and a fresh, new insert with interior is replaced and ready for the next use. It’s simple and innovative too.

Alternative Containers

Alternative cremation containers offered by Lake Shore Funeral Home possess the same quality workmanship and attention to detail found in our other casket selections, and are the choice for families who appreciate quality while holding to a limited budget.