Clothing Guidelines

We fully dress the deceased to preserve their dignity and help them look as “normal” as possible. As a general rule, the clothing is not returned to the family*, however jewelry and other items that are displayed on the deceased in the casket can either be returned or left with the deceased.  You may bring the clothing with you to the arrangement meeting or bring it to the funeral home later. However, we do prefer to have the clothing by 12 noon at least one day before the visitation or first viewing. If you have any questions, please call our office at 254-752-5900.

Clothing for the deceased should include:

Long sleeves and a high neckline (covering the collarbone area)

Undergarments – including underwear, socks, t-shirt, bra, stockings, slips, etc. as appropriate

Shoes (optional)

Glasses, a wig or a hairpiece (if normally worn)

Hair dye MUST be provided by the family and at the funeral home by 12 noon the day before the visitation

A recent photo as a reference for hair and cosmetics

Jewelry, a rosary or any other items to be placed in the casket with the deceased

All items (clothing, jewelry, etc.) will be inventoried by a Lake Shore Funeral Home staff person when you bring them in. We will ask you to sign the inventory list before you leave to ensure we have itemized all of the pieces.

* If there is an article of clothing you wish to be returned, please be sure to tell the staff person and your funeral director when you bring the items in.