Advance Planning

Why Pre-Plan?


  • Freeze the ever increasing costs of funeral goods and services
  • Purchase goods and services you desire now, saving thousands of dollars for
    your family.
  • Easy and Convenient payment options with NO interest or finance charges
  • Family members can be relieved from making expensive and difficult decisions
  • Peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be carried out
  • Everyone can qualify, regardless of age or health conditions
  • Our Insured Plans offer coverage to protect the family from any unpaid balance
    in the event of a premature death
  • If circumstances force you to move away, the Insured Plans are transferable to
    any other funeral home in the United States
  • Free Grandchild protection (coverage) provided for any grandchildren up to age 21 (unmarried and living at home).

    87% of Americans believe that planning ahead in this important matter makes sense, but often there are a few common questions or concerns that arise, such as:


“I must first talk with my children.”
Most of the time, when asked what they think about pre-arranging your funeral, children will respond in one of two ways: 1. They may be grateful that you are taking care of something they know will be difficult for them to do; or 2. They will suggest you not think or talk about this morbid subject, and “leave it to them” when the time comes. Most children do not want to think about losing their parents, and many will not even want to talk about it. During a time of grief and emotional stress, it is not uncommon for them to disagree about how your arrangements should be handled. It’s up to you to decide what would be best for them, as you think ahead to how their needs would best be served when you have passed away.

“I have plenty of life insurance.” 
In most cases, life insurance is purchased to protect families from the loss of income, to help survivors live more comfortably. Buying life insurance strictly for burial expenses is often not the most practical thing to do. Why? Because rising costs of burial over the years may over-run the amount your life insurance will pay. On the other hand, it may not be the amount of money needed that makes funeral decisions difficult. It may simply be the fact that your loved ones will have to ask themselves questions that you are no longer able to answer, such as “What should we do?” With a pre-need plan, your children will have the benefit of knowing that you have made your own choices. This will be a tremendous blessing to your family.

“We will probably move away after retirement.”
Waiting may result in much higher costs for your family. Our insured pre-need plan is transferable at frozen price value to any funeral home in the United States with a simple, toll-free phone call.

“I can’t afford to make a decision right now.” 
No large down payments needed. For example, only the first month’s payment is required to put an insured program in force. In many cases, if you should pass away before paying off this program, the balance due will be paid-off at the time of your death.

The Texas Department of Banking provides consumers with additional information on the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits”.  This phrase is hotlinked to their website at

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