Our New Cremation Tribute Center & Private, In-house Crematory

 Cremation Tribute Center

What makes Lake Shore Crematory unique when it comes to Cremation Services?

We are the Cremation Experts!

Highest Standards: Our family philosophy is to set the standard when cremation is preferred. We exceed the state cremation requirements when compared to other crematories. You will find that the value of our in-house crematory and its amenities far surpass your costs. Our tribute center has its own comfortable “good-bye suite” for families to go as far as you can with your loved one. You can even witness the beginning of the cremation from this same room. The crematory is equipped with an automated loading system that is controlled by the family as they say their final good-bye in a peaceful setting. See first-hand – ask for a tour!

Unlike others, our in-house crematory is operated by our licensed funeral directors that also have been certified with in-depth training. These certified specialists have also taken oaths requiring strict operating procedures and adhering to professional ethics. You can rest assured that your loved one will always be in our care, handled with the utmost regard and respect, and that our in-house premier cremation center will always provide peace of mind in knowing your loved one is our personal client. We have a definite tracking system in place for each step regarding who and where the remains are at any given time. We have purposely put these in-depth procedures in place to set our professional services apart from any other funeral home or crematory. We are the best at cremation care and we operate an unmatched cremation facility in the state of Texas.

Considering Cremation? It’s a Matter of Choice!

Every funeral home advertises “cremation services” but don’t be fooled! Not all crematories are equal! 

Three Important Questions to Ask  

  Who Owns the Crematory? 

Most funeral homes subcontract this important service to a third party crematory. We are proud to have invested in the construction of Waco’s premier, in-house private crematory facility for your peace-of-mind. You can be assured that every detail is handled with the highest standards of care by our professional staff.

  Where is the Crematory Located? 

Unlike other funeral homes, our crematory is in-house within our funeral home at 5201 Steinbeck Bend in Waco. This assures that your loved one stays under our professional care and responsibility at all times and has not been transferred to some multi-user crematory, sometimes in another county. “Chain of Custody” is vitally important when dealing with cremation.

  When Can We Inspect It? 

Most cremation providers do not want you to visit their crematory because they are typically in warehouses in industrial districts. We encourage you to visit our Cremation Tribute Center because it is part of our funeral home facility. You may stop by anytime, unannounced, to inspect our state of the art cremation facility.

  What is Most Important to you?   

Costs?  Peace of Mind and Confidence?  Or Both?

Then Lake Shore Funeral Home and Crematory is the right choice for you and your family!  


If the deceased is Jewish, Christian Orthodox, Muslim, or Roman Catholic, you may wish to consult clergy or our staff for guidance. For example, the Catholic Church strongly advocates the presence of the body – not the cremated remains – for the Funeral Mass with cremation to take place later. The Catholic Church does not accept scattering.

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