Window in Family Viewing Center


Cremation Retort Unit

Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services knows that families need the peace of mind that the cremation process is taking place in a private and dignified setting. We can assure you that your loved one will never be transported out of the area to be cremated. The Waco Crematory is the cleanest, most modern and secure, licensed facility in the area and maintains the highest legal and ethical quality control and thus assuring the integrity and discretion of the cremation process and of the cremated remains. Families can rest assured knowing that safety and proper identification procedures have been maintained. The crematory also has a comfortable family viewing center next to the crematory equipped with a special window to allow those who wish to be present to witness their loved one being placed into an empty cremation chamber.

Since the crematory is located here in Waco, we are able to care for your loved one with dignity throughout the entire funeral process. We are also able to expedite the cremation process, which allows the family to obtain closure sooner.

At Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we have been entrusted with the care of hundreds of client families. Our funeral home has facilities to conduct private and public gatherings and ceremonies. Most importantly, we feel that it is our duty as funeral directors to offer choices, to carefully listen to the family’s preferences, and then help carry out those wishes.

We are here to help explain the many choices you have with today’s cremation traditions. More people are now opting for cremation as their form of final disposition. Some feel that it is a more natural, or environmentally sound process. Others just feel more comfortable with the idea of cremation.

There are four main service options when cremation is chosen as the form of final disposition, and any of these can be tailored to meet specific needs:

  • Cremation following a traditional ceremony, which may include viewing
  • Cremation following a viewing only
  • Cremation before or after a memorial ceremony or reception
  • Cremation when the decision has been made not to have ceremonies


Following the cremation, Lake Shore Funeral Home will help the family in placing the cremated remains in a cemetery or mausoleum space. We can also provide valuable knowledge and assistance whether the cremated remains are to be scattered, kept in one’s personal possession, or shared amongst family members.

We, at Lake Shore Funeral Home, invite you to contact us at any time to learn more about the cremation or burial process.





Cremation is the process of reducing the body of the deceased to fragments of bone by way of heat and flame. We prefer to say “cremated remains” rather than “ashes” because we believe that the term “ashes” can be misleading. We can explain the consistency of cremated remains in as much detail as you prefer. If you are considering scattering, we would recommend you ask us to prepare you for what you will see. Our Cremation Authorization form goes into some detail in explaining the cremation process, our policies and procedures. You will receive a copy of the completed authorization form.

If the deceased is Jewish, Christian Orthodox, Muslim, or Roman Catholic, you may wish to consult clergy or our staff for guidance. For example, the Catholic Church strongly advocates the presence of the body – not the cremated remains – for the Funeral Mass with cremation to take place later. The Catholic Church does not accept scattering.

To learn more, CLICK HERE to go to our Cremation Information Page.