Natural Green Burials

Green Burial and Natural Burial Options

Green burial seeks to return one’s remains to the earth, as directly and simply as possible. Lake Shore Funeral Home makes available to families merchandise and service options specifically designed to limit the environmental impact of earth burial and cremation. From formaldehyde-free body preparations, to bio-degradable coffins and caskets, and referral to cemeteries that allow green burials, we can assist families in funeral procedures in keeping with the objectives of environmental protection and nature conservancy. Many religious groups never left the old, traditional way. Groups like the Quakers, Amish, Mennonites, and Jewish communities continue to bury without embalming, vaults and in some cases without a casket.


What is a “Green Burial”?

Nature in its bare essence is the triumph of God’s design. With a concern towards protecting our environment and leaving nature pristine, we offer green burials. Our green burial Packages focus on leaving nature untouched with little evidence of man’s signature. Green burials use non-toxic chemicals during the body preparation process. Our green coffins are environmentally friendly, using only natural materials that will protect the environment.


Our Green Services

We provide everything necessary for a green burial. Our services include the care, preparation, and transportation of the deceased, supervision of the burial, and the filing of all necessary documentation, permits, and certificates.

You may choose from a variety of biodegradable caskets. These eco-friendly containers are constructed of bamboo, willow and other natural materials that are chemical-free and contain no metal or artificial mechanisms. We use alternative forms of body preparation that do away with formaldehyde-based chemicals. Private family visitations, church funerals, and graveside services are options that are arranged within the limited period a green burial allows.


Pre-Arrangement of a Green Burial

It is our responsibility to help families transition through life when a loved one dies. Part of that process is helping people make arrangements ahead of time to offer peace of mind in knowing that their wishes will be met. You can reduce the cost of a green burial by setting up your pre-planning today. For more information please contact our Lake Shore Funeral Home green burial consultant at (254) 752.5900.



What is Green Burial?

A modern natural (green) burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to existing funeral practices where the body is returned to the earth to decompose naturally and be recycled into new life. Green burial ensures the burial site remains as natural as possible in all respects. Interment of the body is done in a bio-degradable casket, shroud, or a favorite blanket. No embalming fluid, no concrete vaults.


Why have a Green Burial?

Nature has intended that our bodies be reunited with the earth. All organisms that have lived, die and return to the soil…only to be recycled into new life. Constant microbial activity in the soil breaks everything down. Nature creates no waste. Everything is recycled.


Burial –vs- Cremation

A green burial is a cremation alternative, and a viable alternative to “traditional” burial practices in the United States. It is an earth friendly option when considering burial –vs- cremation. Many families choose cremation because it’s seen as more environmentally friendly than traditional burial. Embalming, sealed caskets and burial vaults are not required by law. Though traditional memorial parks may require them, a green cemetery or memorial nature preserve does not. The simplicity of a green burial is in tune with nature.

Until recently, interment in an environmentally friendly burial ground was not an option. Now we can consider and encourage a natural burial, helping to preserve open spaces throughout the United States. This will increasingly become a cremation alternative. When choosing a green burial, involve your family and friends now, so difficult decisions do not need to be made in a time of grief.


How is it different from a conventional funeral service?

The body is prepared for burial without chemical preservatives and is buried in a biodegradable material. If no body preparation is done, it must be a casket casket service. Burial is done in a “green cemetery” without a metal casket or concrete vault. There are some conventional cemeteries that offer natural burial as well.


How does the price of Green Burial compare with conventional burials?

The cost of green burial depends on the type of service and products a family chooses.


Is a vault needed for Green Burial?

No, green cemeteries do not require a burial vault. All cemeteries have rules and regulations, presently, most conventional cemeteries require some type of vault.


How much time lapse for Green Burial from time of death to burial?

The usual time from death to burial is 48-72 hours.


What burial containers are considered biodegradable?

Biodegradable containers include cloth shrouds made of natural fibers, simple wooden or fiberboard caskets without special finishes or varnish, and wicker, sea grass, and bamboo caskets.


What if there isn’t a green-burial cemetery in my state?

Green burials can occur in any cemetery where a concrete vault or liner is not required by cemetery policy. Remember, a green burial is simple. It only involves an unembalmed body, a biodegradable container, and a vaultless grave. Often rural and pioneer cemeteries do not have rules requiring the use of a vault or grave liner.


Can a burial still be “green” if a vault is required?

Yes. You can instruct the cemetery to invert the vault/liner. This causes the bottom of the grave to be exposed to the earth, while the top of the grave has the concrete top. (Visualize an inverted, empty shoebox without its lid.) This is a common request and a “green” natural solution, as several religious traditions specify for a natural burial and installing the liner as described meets the requirement of that particular cemetery.