Types of Services

Traditional Service with Visitation and Burial

This is the most commonly selected option and includes: professional services of the funeral director and administrative staff; staff  services for coordinating, personalizing, and directing the funeral; preparation and filing of legal documents and other paperwork necessary to complete the arrangements; removal of decedent from the place of death to the funeral home (within 40 mile radius included); embalming and sanitary care of the remains; dressing, placement in casket, and cosmetic preparation of the deceased; use of our facilities for visitation/viewing; use of our facilities (or a church or other location) for the service; use of automotive equipment (hearse and flower vehicle/courier car); and, committal service at the cemetery.

Graveside Funeral Service

This option includes everything listed above but substituting a graveside ceremony instead of a funeral services at the funeral home or the church.

Direct Burial

This option provides for an immediate burial with no ceremonies or rites observed. A direct burial is usually scheduled during normal business hours and done at a time convenient for both the funeral home and the cemetery.