Our Facility



Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services: The newly remodeled building in Lake Shore at 5201 Steinbeck Bend Dr., formerly Acts Christian Fellowship Church, greatly benefits the needs of the community. The 16,000 square-foot building sits on over four acres in the city’s northern quadrant. The exterior of the building features a river rock base trim with stucco and steel siding. Designed on one level, and fully handicap accessible, there are two large covered porticos – one for the family’s entrance into the large chapel, the other, for the main entrance. Upon entering the facility, that entry opens into an expansive gathering room with several conversation areas. From this area one can enter the large and small chapels, public restrooms, a hallway leading to three large viewing rooms, kitchen, and a reception hall that can seat up to 70 attendees for an after-service gathering or catered meal. The large spacious chapel can seat up to 250 attendees and includes the option for a private family seating area to one side, fully equipped with audio, video, and multimedia capabilities. The small chapel can seat up to 50 attendees for a more intimate service and can also be converted into two additional viewing rooms as needed. We also have an outdoor chapel that can serve as a unique venue for services. Other features include a service arrangement planning room and product selection room, state-of-the-art preparation facilities, flower holding and delivery area, staff offices, multi-car garage and vehicle cleaning area, and over 100 vehicle parking spaces.

Lake Shore Funeral Home and Cremation Services is a faith-based business. Our motto is “Let Us Show You The Difference A Caring Neighbor Can Make.” In this Christian environment, we offer good old-fashioned customer service and modern technology in casual, spacious twenty-first century facilities where families will feel comfortable receiving friends during their time of need.