John Saucedo Guardiola


John Saucedo Guardiola, 56, of Waco, Texas passed away May 14, 2024.

Memorial Service:  6pm Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at Ministerios Bethania, 1108 Jefferson Avenue, Waco, Texas.

John was born in Shreveport, Louisiana on February 10, 1968, to John Guardiola Sr and Gloria Ables, and later moved to Waco, Texas to be with family. John attended St. Mary’s school later transitioning to and graduating from University High School before studying at Baylor University majoring in microbiology, with a minor in chemistry later graduating to receive his bachelor’s degree. Followed by going to work at Allergan and HEB Pharmacy as a tech.

John was preceded in death by his mother, Gloria Ables; and stepfather, Terrance Ables.  John is survived by his wife of 40 years, Mary Guardiola; his children, Johnathan Guardiola and his wife, Veronica Guardiola, Zena Guardiola and Benjamin Guardiola; sister, Connie Tremont and family; brother, Rey Guardiola and family; grandchildren, Rainique Guardiola, Xaniya Guardiola, Ezra Guardiola, Trinity Guardiola, and Amya Guardiola.

Our father John was truly one of a kind. As many ways as we could attempt to describe him, there are no words to speak the volumes of impact he had on each one of our lives. Those who were fortunate to have crossed paths with him in life and were touched by his loving yet quirky ways in one way or another only to be left with a special part of the man we call dad, friend, brother, uncle, grandpa and so much more.

He emitted a different and special kind of love when it came to his children and grandchildren, trying his best to be a present and active parent and grandparent by doing things such as coaching little league baseball teams for his children and later grandson Ezra.  He stood behind people who needed support and encouraged them to believe that you could do anything you put your mind to. Always ready to go up to bat for those in need with no hesitation.

He also loved to cook! His famous dishes of all time were his spaghetti or enchiladas. He was also a huge lover of many genres of music, had dreams of being a DJ, often sharing music videos of songs he liked via text message to his loved ones as one of his quirks that we will miss dearly.

If friends so desire, donations to Ministerios Bethania Waco would be greatly appreciated.


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Condolence Messages

  1. SandraCervantez

    I’m so sorry for the Family of John Guardiola . He was a very kind and wonderful man. and always saying hi to us when he saw us. . God bless the Family. My condolences to Mary(Buckie)).Guardiola. I miss all of y’all. That’s about it. I will pray for y’all. Love Rosalinda&SandraCervantez.

  2. I’ll always remember how the simple things would put a smile on your face. How cooking for the family would bring you joy, how having company at your house would bring you joy, how watching videos and listening to music 🎧 would bring you joy. You will forever remain in my heart and your spirit will always be felt.
    May the memory of John bring comfort and peace to the ones who loved you.
    We will miss you dearly! ❤️ 🪽

  3. Carolyn Sanchez

    Connie I’m so sorry for your loss it just breaks my heart for all of the sadness you’ve had in your life th the last couple of years I wish I could hug you and take all your pain away we think of you often and love you so much 🙏❤️

  4. John was a very different kind of person and maybe even sometimes misunderstood by some but taken the time to talk to him just once spoke volumes about him leading to the way he was described best in his obituary. He will be missed……

  5. Teresa Pack Reid

    Oh, Buckie! I’m so, so sorry for your loss. Praying you have peace in the coming days.

  6. Rey Guardiola

    In my eyes, My brother John was a brave man. A man who would make a choice everyday to wake up and endure. Those who knew him closely know what I mean. He showed strength each day and would always have a smile on his face when we would visit. My brother was a smart/ educated man who our family went to for questions and advice when we didn’t feel well. He was a man who wasn’t afraid to ask for help when he needed it, something I see people struggle with everyday including myself because it takes lots of courage. He was a great cook, who made the best chicken enchiladas & spaghetti, which was a family favorite.
    We all have special gifts, which God has given us, that are meant to be shared with the world and the people we love and my brother did so with a smile. Nothing made him happier. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to hang out more like I planned big brother, the small and meaningless matters of life seemed to always get in the way. I’ll never forget your last smile you gave me John. I love you and will miss you so much.

  7. Matthew Rodriquez

    Buckie I’m so sorry for your loss. We love you your wonderful family and we’ll be keeping all of you in prayer.

  8. Christine Herrera

    I’m lost for words my Heart goes out to Connie , Rey , Bucky and Johns children
    John was one of a kind ❤️ we went to St. Mary’s and University together as well. John always Had a smile on he’s face when I saw him with a Big Hi and hug . If you know John or had crossed patches with him , he was a Beautiful person with a Big Heart ❤️
    Fly High my old friend John 🙏🕊️😇❤️

  9. Martha Olvera

    OMG I still can’t believe his gone. He was the sweetest person ever I remember wen John and Buckie started dating we were the closest friends at our younger days. He loved Buckie so much there were perfect for each other. No matter where we would come across each other he would always say hi. He was a great dad and son . My condolences to all the family and to Connie and Ray I know this must be hard for you as well God bless . Buckie love you my dear friend.

  10. My condolences to you Buckie. My prayers are with you and your family. He was truly a special person.

  11. Emily and Olivia McGee

    I am so sorry for your loss. John will be missed! Connie, Rey, love you both. Prayers for you and the family for peace and healing in this very sad time.

  12. Stella Montelongo

    I was shock when I hear of John passing. My prayers are with Connie, Ray and Buckie and his kids. May God blessed y’all during this difficult time. John was so nice every time I saw him. He was such a good friend to my new nephew E.J. He is now with his Mom and his grandmother Mrs. Rodriguez and I’m sure they are watching over him. May He Rest In Peace.

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