Funeral / Visitation Attendant

This support role performs a variety of manual and office tasks in preparation of, during and after funeral and visitation services to ensure services run smoothly and as planned. Duties include setting up rooms for ceremonies, copying memorial materials, greeting and escorting friends of the family, driving family members and cleaning out vehicles. The ability to work beyond standard business hours, including weekends and evenings is required.


Funeral Services

  • Prepare rooms for a variety of services including but not limited to setting up and cleaning chairs, tables, icons, guest books, flowers, keepsakes, mementos, casket, and urn
  • Greet visitors, provide programs, answers questions, and provide funeral services information
  • May physically serve as pallbearer
  • Some may drive families to cemetery site
  • Following services, removal, cleaning, and proper storage of company property as well as packaging, loading, or delivery of family mementos, keepsakes, and flowers

This is a part-time, as-needed, position.

If you feel moved by this job opportunity to serve families when they need help most, we would invite you to send your resume and professional references to