Do you have friends or family members unable to attend the memorial service?

Sadly, most families experience this unfortunate reality. Many mourners are unable to attend funerals due to illness, travel expenses or simply living too far from the funeral service. Friends and family members not afforded this memory are limited to participation via the telephone, cards of sympathy and flowers.

However, today’s technology has changed the way distant friends and families can participate in memorial services. Live funeral webcasting from Lake Shore Funeral Home, offers friends and family members access to special memorial services regardless of their location or circumstances. Our unique video service provides friends and family members a connection to the memorial service via the internet.

We are dedicated to providing access to this special event to those friends and family members unable to attend. The reasons are many and varied and include those who are:

  • Elderly or ill and unable to travel
  • Unable to attend due to business conflicts
  • Serving in the military overseas
  • Living long distances from the service and simply can’t afford the expense of travel
  • Confined to nursing homes or other institutions


The Lake Shore Funeral Webcasting Service truly brings friends and family together during trying times and removes the constraints of distance. our Webcasting Service is performed in a dignified fashion with no protruding cameras or cables disrupting the funeral service.

All cameras are discretely positioned preserving the dignity and privacy needed during this difficult period. Most people aren’t even aware that the event is being recorded.

Your funeral director will provide the immediate family with the information necessary to access the viewing site. You are then free to distribute this information to whomever you like, either through emails or conversation.

CLICK HERE for a direct link to the webcasting login page.

When the service begins, those unable to attend and have been provided with the necessary security codes, simply logon to our easily accessible website, and view the service.

For those unable to view the live service, with family permission, a recorded DVD option may be available for a small fee.

Ask your Funeral Director about the Lake Shore Funeral Webcasting Service.

Our Webcasting F.A.Q.’s

Q: Will anybody be able to view this webcast … even strangers?
A: No. All live webcasts are secured with login and password control distributed by the family.

Q: What kind of equipment is required to view the service webcast?
A: A computer with an internet browser and internet connection. No special software is required.

Q: Will my friends and family members need to be computer experts to use this service?
A: No special computer skills are required. Anyone capable of internet browsing or email can use this service.

Q: Can friends and family members living out of the country or serving in the military use the service?
A: Yes. FamilyLink is available anywhere internet access is available.

Q: How many friends and family members can use the service at once?
A: There is no limit to the number of people able to view at one time.