Steven Ray Bowen

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Steven Ray Bowen, 21, of Waco passed away unexpectedly October 24, 2022 at Baylor, Scott and White Hillcrest Medical Center.

A celebration of Steven’s life will be held 2PM, November 19 at New Beginnings Christian Fellowship, 101 Mesquite Street, Elm Mott 76640.

Steven was born March 23rd, 2001 in Waco. He was the only child of Steven Kent and Jackie Ann (Stansfield) Bowen. Steven Ray, attended school in the Connally ISD from pre-K through high school. He graduated from Connally High School receiving his diploma. Steven went on to work for Pilgrim’s Pride where he worked in production, his main job was to ensure that the hoppers were filled with flour.
He loved gaming, spending many hours playing on his X-box, and listening to music, hard rock and rap were his favorites. Steven also loved guns, and often went target shooting and hunting. He also went target shooting with his crossbow. Steven was a very giving young man, even to the end. He agreed to become an organ donor when he received his drivers license and that wish was honored upon his passing. Because of Steven’s gift, many needy individuals were given a second chance at life.

Steven was preceded in death by his grand parents, Ray Gene and Joann Bowen; godfather, Steve Buck; Uncle, Doug Bowen; and best friend, Christopher Sharp.

He is survived by his loving parents, Steven Kent and Jackie Ann Bowen; girlfriend, Jess Vandolah; her mother, Vicki Moore; and many beloved family members and friends.

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Condolence Messages

  1. Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

    Steven, you were taken all too soon from us. We know in our hearts that we will reunite for eternity when our death comes to pass. I hope you are happy and free of the pain and suffering you endured in your short time in this world. Go with Grandma and PeePaw, they’re expecting you. Your Godfather “Uncle Steve” is there with you too! Uncle Doug will be happy to see you and you can now spend the rest of eternity with your great friend, Christopher Sharp! Dad and I love you so much and we are so proud of you! Rest in peace our sweet baby boy! Until we meet again in the Kingdom of Heaven!

    • Steven Bowen was my very best friend, he helped me through the worst times of my life. I truely don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for him. It is an honor, and privilege to have known him. I will keep him in my heart as long as I live, he was like a little brother to me. It pains me to know that such an awesome person was taken so soon. Love always..

      • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

        Thank you Sarah for sharing such a lovely remembrance of Steven. He touched many lives. His memory will live on and his legacy will save many lives both now and generation’s of the future.

  2. Fatima Abdel-Haliim

    Steven, you didn’t know me.. but I know your Mama Jackie.. she is my Instagram and Facebook friend… for me you are a Son to me, as my own children… all of my friends children I am another Mum to, I would protect them with my life if needed… I just feel so at a loss of your passing away in a young age 😔 😢 😞 😪 💔 I wished, prayed that I am in Waco now… I’m in Auckland NZ… I am always praying for you, for Jackie… for everyone there in Waco,.your friends and loved ones… I am hugging you in my heart and mind…. Jackie I understand the loss so much as I have lost loved ones of recent 💔 My love 💓 hugs 🤗 and prayers for Y’all…. Fatima

    • Thank you so much Fatima, You friendship has meant a lot to me! I know we haven’t talked lately and now you know why. We tried so hard to give him help and support. He was going to get the help he needed. He would have gone to Dallas for rehab the following Monday morning. He decided to have one last party before he left, this was not what we expected! The only comfort we have is that he died peacefully in his sleep.

  3. I am so sorry for this great loss. I will be thinking of you and praying for your family.

    Alyssa S

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you so much! I can only answer 2-3 at a time or I start crying. He was a sweet little boy and he was growing into a fine young man He will be waiting for us I know because God told me so.🙏💙

  4. I just can’t express how sad I am for your loss. A special Son taken far too soon. I know that he will always be with you and that you will hear his voice now more then ever as you
    Carry on. We shall all be reunited in eternity and I look forward to meeting him then. God bless all of you at this
    Time of struggle.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you David, You are such a caring, loving person. Steven met Clive when he went with me to visit him in the hospital. I’m sure Steven will be enjoying Clive’s wit and wisdom. I know Clive will help him find the way to family and friends who preceded him in death and meet the family and friends Clive lost. I will see you next spring and I will see you in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  5. I’m sure it hurts tremendously and I wish you didn’t have to go through this.

  6. I met Steven only once, but I knew he was a good son. He was with Jackie when she visited Clive at the hospital, and he was supportive in those trying moments. I knew he was troubled, as all our young are troubled in this colder world. It’s so hard to say goodbye when he just now got here, but he is with family and will not be forgotten.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you Ron, you understood what he was going through. Thank you for giving me the chance to see Clive one last time.

  7. I only knew Steven for a very short time but I know he made a big impact on many people. I don’t know why he was taken way too soon but Jesus was waiting with open arms and said welcome home my son.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      I didn’t know how big of an impact he made until his friends messages started pouring in and the organ donation facility sent us a nice thank you card. He left his legacy and gave himself to the world so that he can continue to help people in the future!

  8. Steve was a good dude, he always tried to help anyone who reciprocated the same amount of love he gave out. Helped his family, always looking out for people in dark times. And truthfully one of the best human beings I knew. May he Rest In Peace and be forever remembered for his kindness and love he had for everyone.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      That was beautiful Chris, thank you for being a great friend to Steven and me! We appreciate you, your a fine young man!

  9. Sabrina, Cory and Brayton

    Our precious Steven, your heart was made of gold. There was nothing you wouldn’t have done for those who you loved. We will hold dear to the memories of you and never forget your heart and the way you impacted the people around you who you loved. This is not goodbye, just see you later sweet boy.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you so much for caring about and for Steven! I wouldn’t be able to do this without you! It was easy for me with my Mother in law. We had time and it’s easier to accept the passing of an elderly family member but this has destroyed me and Steve! Your support and the support of all of Stevens friends is what keeps us going. Thank you!

  10. Steven Bowen was my very best friend, he helped me through the worst times of my life. I truely don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for him. It is an honor, and privilege to have known him. I will keep him in my heart as long as I live, he was like a little brother to me. It pains me to know that such an awesome person was taken so soon. Love always..

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you Sarah, I’m happy to hear that Steven supported you when you were troubled and in your darkest moment. Thank you for being a true friend of Stevens.

  11. Ray and Joann, I don’t know you but am so sad for you at the passing of your son. We also have only one child and can’t imagine how painful it must be for you. Praying for God to comfort you as much as possible and give you peace and hope.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Ray and JoAnn were Stevens Grandparents. Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen, Steven Ray was our son. They will lead him and care for him until we reunite in the Kingdom of Heaven.

  12. Cheryl Militello

    I am so sorry for your loss. I will thinking of you and praying for your family.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you Cheryl, you are a very kind person. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Steve & Jackie Bowen

  13. Steven.. we went to school together hell u dated one of my best friends… Jess loved you so much. We are all gonna miss you but now you not hurting anymore and with your best friend. We love and miss you man.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you for your kind words. Steven and Jess were back together. He was waiting for Jess and her Mom to come to town that evening. We know in our hearts this was an accident. He went overboard and underestimated his tolerance. . He’s free now, free of all the stress, anxiety and Depression and he’s with everyone he loved that he lost. I’m sure he and Chris will enjoy seeing each other again!

  14. My God, My God, My God…my heart breaks for your loss!!! I believe in the Lord & that He has plans for our lives…I have to believe that Steven fulfilled God’s plan & was called back!

    I truly wish you peace & solace in the days, months & years to come! May God’s warmth & protection bring you some comfort!

  15. I am so sorry for your loss…

  16. To the Bowen family,

    Please accept my sincerest condolences. Steven will always be remembered as a kind, sweet, and thoughtful person. Thank you for the opportunity to have taught your son at Connally.

  17. You were taken too soon, dear beautiful boy. May the Lord take care of you now and may you always take care of your grieving parents. We will definitely meet when the time its right and we shall have a beer together and laugh at how a crazy cat on the internet forme a friendship with your dear mother! Rest in peace, beautiful soul!

    • Jackie Bowen, kittenplantlady

      Thank you Mick you have been a true friend and I am so glad I met you! You bring joy and laughter to me every day! We will all meet again when our time comes. Thank you for sharing your family with me and give Sweet little David an extra big hug for me! We will meet on the other side after you are released from FB jail!❤️‍🩹😿😸

  18. My deepest condolences on the loss of your precious son. Prayers for you and your family.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you so much! Steven was loved by so many of us but he couldn’t see joy all he could see was painful experience’s in his life. These are the thing’s we cannot shield our children from! I wish we could but we can’t, all we can do is guide them and support them no matter what! Unconditional love!

  19. Connally Elem. Tommie Wade

    Jackie and Steven I am so very sorry for your loss. I remember Steven from Connally Elementary and through Jo Ann.
    I know that mamaw and pawpaw will be waiting with open arms. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you for being so kind, Steven was still happy in his elementary year’s and he was lucky Grandma wasn’t there by the time he started elementary school. That would have been a sight to see! I have to laugh about that because Steven was strong willed and he knew how to handle his Grandma!

  20. I cannot stop thinking about this tragic loss. Your strength is inspiring. I just don’t have the right words to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your dear son. I hold you close in my prayers. May you feel lifted by love, light and prayers of those who are near and far.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you so much, he was the light of our lives! Life is precious and so was he. Steven fulfilled God’s purpose in his all to short life. He will be saving many lives for many years to come with his organ and tissue donations. I know we will see him again in the Kingdom of Heaven!🙏💙

  21. Stephen bro I’m gonna miss you there aren’t words you cal me you called me your brother and that means something to me I love you bro and to the family as a whole my love and condolences follow

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you Chayton, I consider each and every one of Steven’s friends our extended family. We need everyone’s support right now. I hope you are able to attend the memorial service. Steve & Jackie Bowen

  22. Steven has been on my mind since his passing. Steven was a good friend of mine throughout high school. Always very sweet, funny and quiet at times. I am going to miss such a sweet, caring person. Prayers and hugs to his mom, Jackie and to his entire family. May he rest in peace.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you Tania, Steven didn’t think he had very many friends but I see a lot of friends! I really appreciate you and all of Steven’s friends giving their condolences. It’s just Mom and Dad now. Thank you for your kind words. Steven K & Jackie A Bowen

  23. Stormy Smith - a fellow classmate

    I’m so sorry for your loss, he was a great person and I’m grateful I had the opportunity to grown up with him. I’m sending nothing but love to y’all’s family.

    • Steven K Bowen & Jackie A Bowen

      Thank you so much for caring about Steven! He experienced so many loses in his life! He was a happy child, but when people he loved began dying you could see the sadness grow more after each loss. I wanted to protect him and keep him safe but I couldn’t stop death and disparity. He was our only child. It is agonizing to lose your child, the pain never goes away. We will mourn him for the rest of our lives!

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