Teardrop Fingerprint Jewelry

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Create a lasting impression with this unique fingerprint pendant keepsake. Many options include with or without a keepsake compartment to store tiny mementos and a variety of precious metals.

Print Style: Choose from full-coverage or fingerprint with rim style engraved into the metal surface creating a 3 dimensional quality.

Metal Choice: Stainless Steel, 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Solid Yellow Gold, 14K Solid White Gold, 14K Solid Rose Gold or Platinum.

Pendant Style: Choose from chamber or no chamber style pendant. Chamber pendants have a discreet compartment that is air and water tight. No chamber style pendants are generally thinner without inner vessel.

Back Options: You may personalize the back with another print (finger, hand or foot), a photo or a signature for additional cost.

Lifetime promise! The print quality is promised for life. If the print quality ever degrades, we will replace the piece free of charge.


Chamber style in stainless steel, 925 sterling silver, 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold, 14K solid rose gold & platinum- 
29/32″ H x 15/16″ W x 3/16″ thick
(23 mm H x 15 mm W x 5 mm thick).

No chamber style in 925 sterling silver & gold-plating over 925 sterling silver, 14K solid yellow gold, 14K solid white gold & platinum– 31/32″ H x 23/32 W x 1/16″ thick
(25 mm H x 18 mm W x 1.5 mm thick).

*Necklace is not included.