Tiffany Koslovsky

Tiffany is one of the first people you see when you come through our doors and more than likely the one you speak to when you call. From answering the phones to creating the videos and variety of printed items for each service, Tiffany gives each task her all so every family knows how important they are to the Lake Shore Funeral Home Family!

Raised in Texas and Tennessee, Tiffany comes from a large family and learned from an early age just how important it is to help those around you. Her parents raised her and her siblings to have a “Service Heart” in all that you do. While Tiffany is not a “Native Wacoan”, she and her son have resided here for over 16 years.

Tiffany has lived and studied all over the country, which has made it possible for her to gain a rather long list of educational degrees and certifications. With these degrees and certifications, she has had the opportunity to work in an array of very interesting career positions. In addition to her impressive work experiences, Tiffany also volunteers with a number of groups in the community and around the country.

Tiffany is married to the love of her life, Glenn who is a CPA and Founding Partner at Whitaker, Spinks & Koslovsky, LLP. They share three children: David, Brooke and Braylon; and are the proud grandparents of their two princesses, Heidi and Larkin. To round out the Koslovsky Clan they have three furbabies, a Cocker Spaniel named Harper Bell, a short-haired mini Dachshund named Millie Wicket Mae, and a long-haired mini Dachshund named Mr. Henry Higgins. And yes, they are spoiled rotten!

“Helping people navigate through a difficult time and provide the best possible outcome and memories for families, is truly an honor that I take very seriously.”