Patricia Moody

I am a native Wacoan married to a native Wacoan.  Our daughter and son-in-law reside in Waco with their three children.

My husband, Ken, and I met as teenagers in church; our common interest was in serving the Lord through music.  We sang at church, for revivals, funerals and weddings.  We sang to each other at our wedding.

While working at Baylor University as a data key entry verifier in data processing at Pat Neff Hall, my husband received his draft notice to serve in the army.

Eventually, the military took us to Karisruhe, Germany.  In Germany I worked on the Neuwreut Kaserne base as the only key entry clerk for twenty-five programmers.

Upon returning stateside, I resumed my job at Baylor.  I also became a rape crisis counselor, which continued for seven years.  After eighteen years I retired from Baylor as the administrative assistant to the Baylor University Host at the Wiethorn Information Center.

I enjoyed the years spent at Baylor, but had other interests to pursue.  I volunteered at Hillcrest Hospital, which later turned into a full time position, and also worked at a local funeral home in the evenings.  Being at the funeral home fulfilled a curiosity I had since being a member of the Morticians Club at Waco High School.

In 1995 my husband was called to pastor Faith Baptist Church in Greenville, Mississippi.  Being a pastor’s wife was truly a new adventure with many rewarding aspects.  After sixteen years my husband retired from the pastorate and once again we returned to Waco.

Now we are representatives of “Light the Window Ministries” and are active members of Parkview Baptist Church.

I am proud to know the Shehorn family and to be a part of their endeavors.  It is my pleasure to work at Lake Shore Funeral Home.  This job fulfills my desire to express care and concern to others in their time of need.