Lake Shore Funeral Home offers an impressive selection of metal caskets in a variety of materials and finishes.

Whether you are in immediate need or are pre-planning, Lake Shore Funeral Home provides compassionate, budget-conscious assistance to you and your family. We invite you to contact us with your questions or just stop by for a tour of our funeral home.


Types of Metal Caskets

Bronze Caskets

Bronze caskets deliver superior strength, durability, and non-rusting qualities. Combine these attributes with solid construction techniques and beautiful finishes, and you will understand why many families choose the very finest casket available.

Copper Caskets

Your family can take great pride when selecting the rich beauty of the naturally non-rusting copper casket. You may select from a variety of beautiful finishes as well as the “weight” of the copper used to construct the casket.

Stainless Steel Caskets

Known for its longevity, stainless steel is naturally rust resistant. A natural choice for those who want the added protection like premium bronze and copper caskets, but at a more moderate price, stainless steel caskets are a popular choice at a much more reasonable range of price and style selections.

Carbon Steel Caskets

Carbon steel caskets are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and styles. Various thicknesses and an array of finishes provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility when considering a casket purchase for your loved one.

Steel caskets possess the same quality workmanship and attention to detail found in our other casket selections, and are the choice for families who appreciate exceptional protection and value.


Types of Wood Caskets

Mahogany Caskets

Many of us are familiar with this hardwood because of its use in extremely high-grade furniture and cabinetry. With its reddish-brown hue and closed grain, it lends itself to deep, rich colors and a high-luster finish. Mahogany speaks of elegance and is the right choice when the very best wood casket is desired.

Walnut Caskets

Walnut is considered a wood of beauty. With its striking grain color and pattern, enhanced by its natural lustrous patina, it is both dignified and elegant. These hardwood caskets are available in a variety of styles and may be personalized.

Cherry Caskets

Cherry caskets may be one of the most popular hardwood caskets today. Cherry is a beautiful hardwood, with its warm look and creamy reddish color. These caskets come in a variety of styles and many families choose to add custom corners or personalized panels to make their choice truly unique.

Oak Caskets

Oak is known for its prominent grain, which can be either tight or coarse, and is a hardwood that is revered for its strength and durability. Caskets made from oak are naturally a light to medium brown color, but can accept a variety of stains and paints to achieve the desired finish.

Maple Caskets

Valued for its strength, wear resistance and beauty, maple is a popular material used for making hardwood caskets. Although the grain is usually straight, it can also be wavy or curly, and is evenly textured with a natural luster.

Pecan Caskets

Long prized for its strong and heavy hardwood, pecan is light in color and is often chosen for the construction of beautiful furniture and architectural paneling. Today, pecan caskets are a favorite among many families who desire a fine hardwood casket, but wish to moderate their expenses.

Pine Caskets

Pine is a durable wood characterized by its straight grain, pale yellow to light brown color, and the occasional distinctive “knot”. Because it is a softer wood, pine caskets will accept a greater color range when stained, or may be painted to achieve the desired finish. Pine caskets are an economical solid wood choice.

Poplar (Hardwood) Caskets

Hardwood caskets are made from cost effective, yet attractive, select wood species including poplar. Select hardwood caskets are available in a variety of styles and are easy on the budget.

Engineered Wood Caskets

Today, many environmentally-conscious consumers are realizing the benefits offered by engineered wood caskets. These caskets use advanced technologies to combine strength and beauty while they ensure a dignified burial and testify to an eco-friendly philosophy.