Alvin Green Shanks

Al Shanks

Alvin Green Shanks, 77, of Robinson, passed away Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at Providence Health Center.

Memorial Service: 2:00 p.m. Saturday, March 25th at Community of Christ Church, 3701 Belmont Drive, in Waco.

Al was born December 22, 1939 to Rachel and Alvin Greenberry Shanks. He was welcomed by his 14 year old sister, Lela. At the age of 2, Al’s father passed away suddenly. This was about the same time that Charles Shelton lost his wife. Charles and Rachel joined together forming a new family including two new brothers for Al and Lela. Nancy Shelton ws born into the family shortly after. Nancy and Lela have since passed on leaving only Walter and Harry as surviving siblings. All three boys were very close and shared many activities together including playing baseball in their side yard with neighborhood friends and attending Zion’s League, youth camps and church reunions together. All three boys graduated from Male High School in Louisville, Kentucky, which was home for the family until each one left home after graduation.

Harry who is affectionately known as Bud by his early family is married to Tiona. They have two children and have been blessed with several grandchildren. Walter also had a nickname, Jack. Very few people knew this. He is now lovingly known by his given name, Walter. Walter met and married Shirley who are the parents of David and Darren Shelton. Darren and Tami have two daughters. Walter went on to remarry his wife, Mary.

Al married Charlotte Harp while attending Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. This was a union planned by God. They met at the college lake which neither frequented on a regular basis. From that time on they became inseparable. They were engaged in February 1961 while Charlotte was a senior in high school. They attended Graceland College together in 1962-1963 school year. Neither had any money saved so Al went back to Louisville and worked for a year while Charlotte remained behind and worked in Iowa. Charlotte and Al were married June 13, 1964.

Al managed a men’s clothing store in Louisville. He was transferred to Akron, Ohio in March 1966. While in Akron, two sons were born. Alvin Gregory Shanks was born March 3, 1975 and Brian Leslie Shanks was born April 29, 1976. Both have been loved and cherished by their father.

Al and the family moved to Waco during the summer of 1978, bought a home in Robinson and lived in the same home until the present time. Al worked at Packless Industries as a supervisor in the test department until he had to retire due to health issues. He was lovingly known as the reverend and performed several marriages during his years and Packless. Al was an ordained minister in the Community of Christ Church. He worked tirelessly in the church serving as pastor at times and also as the financial officer. He would roll up his sleeves and do whatever needed to be done. Al was a family man and loved his family very deeply. He was generous, giving, loving and a man of God. Al had a great faith in God. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God loved him and he loved God. He read and studied the scriptures which became a very real part of who he was as a person. What you saw was what you got with Al. He was always honest to a fault. He will be sorely missed. We know that he is busy working in his new home, happy and free of pain and sorrow. It is we who loved him that have sorrow at his passing, but hope that one day we may join him where he is.

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  1. Sorry to to hear of Als passing… He was a great boss at Packless.

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